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Questions (this is a draft!)

To be honest, I hardly know where to start! It’s been a long evolution, an evolution that started in 2008, that converted me from a person that was concerned about the issue of global warming to where I am today. Along the way, my political philosophy also changed.

So I’ll start with some questions.

  1. Why is there an attempt to silence and demonize those whose thinking is different on this issue?
  2. How can it possibly be good to scare (and even terrify!) young people?
  3. Have there been doomsday predictions in the past, and what was the outcome of those predictions?
  4. The importance of energy to human progress. Top down vs. bottom up.
  5. Why are the benefits of CO2 ignored?
  6. What is so special about CO2, and why do we treat it as the sole “driver” of the climate?
  7. Has the earth ever had higher levels of CO2 than it has now, and what was the effect of that?
  8. What is good science? Is there a difference in mindset between scientists and engineers?
  9. Group identity (supporting other scientists: the proof of Fermat’s last theorem, discussion with man at BBE dinner). government recommendations (who gets on these committees)?
  10. The end justifies the means. Steven S..(Berkeley). My own experiences (Feinstein cheering, Neilson ratings)
  11. Non-scientists adamant belief in science, identity politics (Jane Fonda, Mark at gym)
  12. What is your standard of value? (Alex Epstein)
  13. Critical thinking skills.
  14. Parallels with low-fat diets, problems with cholesterol-as-single-driver,
  15. Problems with scaring people (the Alar scare), media stories, lack of understanding of human resilience (livers, kidneys)
  16. For me, personally: what comes next? What will be the next scare? This is human nature, apparently, and so I must accept that there will be more to come.